I provide a range of services to meet clients needs including pediatric nutrition, family needs, long term care, weight loss, and other health conditions.  I am confident we can individualize a perfect plan for you. Can’t meet in person? I offer telehealth options, too!

Nutrition Consulting Packages

A Custom Meal Plan for Your Healthy Life

We will discuss portion control, eating out in a healthy manner and consuming a balanced, nutritious meal plan.

Nutrition for Medical Conditions

Do you have a medical condition that requires special attention (Eating Disorders, Heart Disease, Digestive Disorders, High Cholesterol, Diabetes … etc.)? We can develop a meal plan that’s beneficial and easy to follow.

Goals & Special Occasions

Do you have a special event that you would like to look your best for? If so, this is the package for you. At the sessions we will review your meal plan and discuss  ways to meet your weight loss goals for this event and keep the weight off long-term.

Nutrition for Diabetes

We will review your meal plan and develop a program that appeals to you and meets your sugar needs.

The Pregnancy Meal Plan

We will come up with ways to give you and your baby the appropriate nutrition/fitness program during pregnancy as well as to help you get back in shape after giving birth – a lifetime gift for you, your baby and your better half.

The Freshman Fifteen

We will review ways to avoid the typical problems that lead to weight gain during the first year of college.

Relaxing Package for your Busy Life

Have the convenience of not having to rush out to my office, I can meet you on the phone/internet and still accomplish amazing results!

“A La Carte” Counseling

Individualized Nutrition Counseling in Your Home, Workplace or My Office
Any condition, question or concern we will conquer.

Metabolic Testing
Determine how many calories your body needs to meet your goals as well as to improve overall health and fitness.

Nutrition Counseling via Email, FaceTime and Skype 
A convenient alternative for the person always on the go.

Supermarket Survival
A field trip to the supermarket where I will educate you on choosing the appropriate food selections.

Pantry Patrol
An onsite visit to your home will allow me to assess your pantry and offer other expertise on improving your food selection for healthy eating.

Nutrition at the Gym
I will consult with you at your home or workout facility to develop a nutrition plan that maximizes your overall fitness goals