When you are diabetic, keeping a healthy blood sugar level is paramount to managing your diabetes. Any doctor nutritionist for diabetics can tell you that you should eat foods that are healthy for you and watch your portion size so you can try and control your blood sugar levels. How you eat, how much you eat, what you’re eating, and when you eat can make a big difference in your ability to control your blood sugar.

As a registered dietitian and licensed nutritionist dietitian, I see many patients who were told to eat healthy and watch their portion sizes but felt stuck in knowing what healthy foods are and how much is too much vs. too little to eat. Through the years, as a nutritionist for diabetics, I helped countless patients in their quest to learn how to get the nutrients they need to control their diabetes.


Part of Your Diabetes Team

Think about the last time you checked in with your doctor about your diabetes. Your doctor may have mentioned that you need to stabilize your blood sugar levels but you likely didn’t get a lot of help on how to keep your blood sugar levels stable. That is where I come in.

Your doctor may recommend working with a registered dietitian for diabetics – like me, but not every registered dietitian can treat patients with diabetes. I will work with you on creating a personalized food plan that looks at your eating schedule, food preferences, and your nutritional requirements. We will work together to come up with a healthy lifestyle – not diet – that can get your diabetes under control. We will also work through your own eating blockers and lifestyle choices to help you breakthrough old habits in order to create a sustainable lifestyle.

Medical Nutrition Therapy

When you hire a nutritionist for diabetics, the treatment plan usually follows medical nutrition therapy, or MNT for short. To help you manage your diabetes, medical nutrition therapy involves a diagnosis and therapeutic nutrition counseling services. We will discuss a variety of approaches to nutrition that will help you manage your diabetes like simplified meal plans, understanding healthy food choices, counting carbs, and behavior strategies. Research shows that utilizing a nutritionist for diabetics regularly will also help you manage your weight which can lead to improving your cholesterol levels and potentially decreasing the need for medication. You and I will be in this together.

Nutrition Consulting Packages

Nutrition for Diabetes

We will review your meal plan and develop a program that appeals to you and meets your sugar needs.

A Custom Meal Plan for Your Healthy Life

We will discuss portion control, eating out in a healthy manner and consuming a balanced, nutritious meal plan.

Goals & Overall Health

We set attainable goals and work together to acheive them. At each session we will review your meal plan and discuss ways to meet your goals for the long-term.

Working Together

Before you start on your journey with any dietitian, it is important to consider what you want to get out of your partnership. Think of the goals you want to set, too. Together, we’ll set attainable goals through each step of your journey and, yes, this is a journey – we’re in this together for the long-haul, as partners committed to your health. With me, you’ll receive support and guidance through every step. I’ll be here to cheer you on from the start and we’ll celebrate each victory together.

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Meal Planning

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Randi Weissberger is a registered dietitian in Bethesda, MD servicing the greater Washington DC-area and more . She specializes in pediatric nutrition, family needs, long-term care, weight management, eating disorders, health fitness and more.

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