Weight loss isn’t easy and most people can say they tried every diet on the book to lose weight but few have thought of using a registered dietitian for weight loss! Fad diets don’t work for long-term weight loss. Many of today’s diets are unsustainable for long periods of time. And then there are diets that can wreak havoc on your body! Sometimes you need extra help and someone to guide you in your weight loss journey.

Benefits of Hiring a Nutritionist for Weight Loss

Hiring a nutritionist to support you in weight loss is usually something that only happens when recommended by a physician but there are many benefits of using a registered dietitian to help you with your weight loss goals – and you don’t need a physician’s referral to do it.


Treating the Source for Weight Loss

There isn’t a person on earth who doesn’t have issues with food. Whether it’s digestive and health issues over what to eat or psychological issues related to how you view food – everyone has a story that needs to be heard and worked on. As a registered dietitian, we will work together on behavioral therapy that breaks through any underlying issues you may have with food. Through these behavioral therapy sessions, you will start looking at food in a different light and you will see break throughs in how you used to approach eating because we are going to treat the source of the issue.

Creating Personalized Nutrition Plans that Work

When you start a diet, they are often meant for specific types of people but marketed to the masses. That is why they often do not work and why it’s hard to keep the weight that you lost off for longer periods of time. Those diets are not sustainable and what works for one person does not always work for another person. When you work with a nutritionist, we come up with a personalized nutrition plan with weight loss goals that are achievable. Individualized weight loss plans also help you overcome roadblocks through counseling since you will be treated on a more personal basis.

Dietitian vs. Dieting for Weight Loss

Nowadays everyone loves statistics – we want to know success rates. When it comes to dietitians, we can tell you that the hardest part about weight loss is our clients realizing it is up to them to do the work. Weight loss is about making changes to a lifestyle and we recognize that not everyone is ready for those changes. This is part of why diets don’t work – they are short term solutions that don’t always require lifestyle changes.

With a registered dietitian, you’ll start to recognize the blockers that keep you from making those lifestyle changes. When clients start to break through those roadblocks, the frustration of not losing weight fast enough starts to make sense and it gets addressed. When it comes to dieting, you don’t generally get the opportunity to make personal break throughs.

Weight Loss Consulting Packages

Nutrition for Weight Loss

We will create your meal plan and develop a program that appeals to you and meets your needs.

Customized Meal Plan for Your Healthy Life

Portion control and consuming a balanced will be top of mind during our discussions and will lead to a nutritious meal plan to help you lose weight.

Weight Loss Goals & Nutrition

Ensuring that you’re meeting your nutrition goals is paramount to your success. At each session, we will review your meal plan and discuss ways to meet your nutrition goals.

Working with a Nutritionist for Weight Loss

Before you work with anyone on your weight loss journey, it is important to consider what you want to get out of your nutritional partnership. It’s also important to think of the goals you want to set, too. You want to think of attainable goals that we can work on step-by-step through your journey. This is a journey and we are in this together as partners committed to your health. Are you ready to start your journey? I’ll be here to cheer you on from the start and we’ll celebrate each victory together.

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