Think back to your childhood – what are your favorite foods? Are they healthy? Do you prefer cottage cheese and pineapple person or cheese puffs and soda? A lot of our food habits are formed when we are kids. So, your favorite foods say a lot about the foods you were raised with. Chances are good that pediatric nutrition wasn’t considered when food was put on your family’s table. It’s smart to instill good eating habits in children from an early age.

Proper Nutrition for Growing Up Healthy

From the time our kids were babies, we knew pediatric nutrition meant a balance of healthy foods and “sometimes” foods. As parents and caregivers we know that what our children eat affects every aspect of their lives. Too much sugar can affect their energy levels. A sugar-laden breakfast can affect their school performance. And a diet that isn’t rich in nutrients an affect their immune system, making them vulnerable to all kinds of illnesses. Conversely, we know a good breakfast sets the tone for the day and a balanced lunch can improve school performance. As a registered dietitian, I see the affects dining on fast food frequently has on both children and adults and it can be devastating.


Treating the Whole Child with Nutrition Services

Like adults, kids are individuals with their own set of ailments, food aversions, and eating habits. No matter what your child’s nutritional blocker is, we’ll work together to create the building blocks of good nutrition. Similarly to working with adults, I work with children in a few categories and within a few programs that your child may fit into.

Pediatric Nutrition Specialties

Medical Issues: Some illnesses and medical conditions come with a variety of blockers to eating and they steal time away from a child. This could be anything from nausea to textural sensitivities. We’ll work through these blockers together and create an individualized plan to ensure your child is getting the proper nutrients.

Picky Eaters: We all know at least one child who doesn’t like to eat anything green or prefers beige food to eating the colors of the rainbow. It can take a while for picky eaters to come around to eating the rainbow. I will work with you and your child on creative ways to eat healthier foods.

Overall Wellness: Your child’s overall health is important to the work we do together. I will work with your child’s pediatrician to create a comprehensive plan that treats the whole child, instead of just select parts.

Psychological & Neurological Disorders: Sometimes a child’s mental health affects how they eat. From Autism and ADHD to Binge Eating and Anorexia, we will work through it with a personalized diet plan that is designed to nourish your child.

Teenagers: Have you ever noticed that your child’s palate gets taken to a new level when they become a teenager? At this stage in their lives, teenagers start to learn portion control and often need guidance on it. It’s also at this age that emotional eating sets in. An individualized approach is necessary to help your teen learn how to enjoy food without over-indulging.

Student Athletes: Any type of athlete wants to perform at their best and sometimes we forget that student athletes are no different. They need to learn how much of the right foods to eat and when to eat them in order to keep their stamina up while repairing their bodies at rest.

Pediatric Nutrition Consulting Packages

Nutrition for Children & Teens

Every physical body is different. We will create an individualized meal plan and develop a program that meets your child’s nutritional needs.

A Custom Meal Plan for Your Healthy Life

We will discuss portion control, eating out in a healthy manner and consuming a balanced, nutritious meal plan.

Overall Pediatric Health Goals

We set attainable goals and work together to achieve them. At each session we will review your child’s meal plan and discuss ways to meet your goals for the long-term.

Working with a Pediatric Nutritionist

For a child to grow up healthy with strong bones and muscles, the solution is fairly simple. Introducing health, wellness, and good habits back into your child’s daily life. We’ll do this together, as a team, with counseling and an individualized plan aimed at improving your child’s overall health. Together, we’ll help your child learn the signs and signals of hunger and fullness while instilling proper eating habits that fit your child. Proper nutrition is key and we curate individualized plans to fit dietary needs, medical conditions, and food aversions. This is a journey and we’ll work through the bumps in the road together.

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Meal Planning

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Randi Weissberger is a registered dietitian in Bethesda, MD servicing the greater Washington DC-area and more. She specializes in geriatric nutrition, family needs, long-term care, weight management, eating disorders, health fitness and more.

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