Congratulations on your upcoming arrival! Did you know that proper prenatal nutrition sets the building blocks of growth for your child and their overall health? We all know that our daily food intake affects how our bodies work. For example, if you eat too much fat, you will likely feel sluggish and it may be harder for your digestive tract to work properly. The food we eat helps us heal, grow, and maintain energy. During pregnancy, nutrition is as much about the baby as it is about you. The food we consume helps the fetus grow and develop properly and it also provides a model for how they eat and what they eat during childhood. Pregnancy is likely the only time your eating habits directly affect and influence other humans. Pregnancy nutrition is a vital part of growing a healthy child.


Prenatal Nutrition

Pregnancy can shock your world! You might experience a change in how you smell and taste – and then there is how your body changes! Every trimester brings its own challenges and how you eat in each trimester affects your baby. Cravings start early but not all cravings are great for prenatal nutrition. Your obstetrician may tell you to take prenatal vitamins and folic acid – which are great for fetal development but don’t forget about the FOOD!

As each trimester brings its own bag of tricks and challenges – from the glucose test through weekly or daily appointments with your OB/GYN, plus new cravings – you may want to consider prenatal nutrition counseling as an option for keeping you healthy through your pregnancy.

Prenatal Nutrition Consulting Packages

Nutrition During Pregnancy

We will create your meal plan and develop a program that appeals to you and meets your sugar needs during pregnancy.

A Custom Meal Plan for Your Healthy Life

We will discuss portion control and consuming a balanced, nutritious meal plan that will also work post- pregnancy.

Goals & Nutrition

Ensuring that you’re meeting your nutrition goals is paramount to your sucess. At each session, we will review your meal plan and discuss  ways to meet your pregnancy nutrition goals.

Pregnancy Nutritionist

As you navigate the waters of pregnancy, I will be right there with you helping you with blood sugar regulation, your blood pressure, weight management, and choosing the right foods to help your baby grow while helping with those pregnancy cravings. As a licensed and registered dietitian, I understand the importance of an individualized approach with meal plans and one-on-one sessions. With pregnancy, there is no such thing as a “one-size fits all” approach to nutrition. As your pregnancy changes, your prenatal nutrition changes with it and you need an approach that can fluctuate through your trimesters. I will work closely with you and your OB/GYN on your nutrition goals – whether it’s just learning to eat the right foods or helping you with weight management.

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Meal Planning

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Randi Weissberger is a registered dietitian in Bethesda, MD servicing the greater Washington DC-area and more . She specializes in pediatric nutrition, family needs, long-term care, weight management, eating disorders, health fitness and more.

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